Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Creating Life Insurance Quotes to Find the Best Life Insurance Policy

Insurance can be the simplest solution to acquire peace of mind after the presence of financial protection. Among the products of insurance, life insurance is one of the most popular insurance offered on the insurance market. Life insurance can be a smart investment as well as providing financial security during the covered period. There are several life insurance types that anyone can choose based on the requirements of the financial protection. Everyone should consider of having life insurance in order to provide financial protection for the loved ones; it can be a smart investment as well as very useful saving for the future.
Anyone who wanted to buy life insurance policy should consider about the provided protection and the rates. The combination of proper protection and affordable rate is a good enough offer to buy life insurance policy. In order to meet the required protection and the available budget, anyone can try to make life insurance quotes from several sources like insurance companies or insurance brokers. Choosing the best offer that combines the required protection and affordable insurance rate can be the smart and rational decision. Living a healthy lifestyle can be an important point to acquire cheaper life insurance rate that can be a valuable addition when creating an insurance quote.

Acquiring Online Payday Loans to Cover Unexpected Expenses

Financial difficulty is something that can happen to everyone; it can be unavoidable situation when there are unexpected expenses need to be covered. Health issues with expensive medical bill may cause serious financial imbalance. Other situation like large amount of loss in business or failure in making investment can seriously affect the financial situation. The financial emergency situation will need quick response to get the financial situation back in balance. Most people will turn to loan provider in order to acquire fresh fund by applying for loan. The presence of online loan providers can be the simpler solution to acquire quick and easier loan application. Online loans usually need simpler application to fill and the use of direct bank account to transfer the fund can make the process to acquire the fresh fund.
There are various loans available and offered by online loan providers. The online payday loans are probably the most offered and popular loan available from online loan providers. The loan is secured by the next paycheck; it can be the simplest solution to acquire small amount of loan that is not exceeding the amount of the monthly income. Everyone who wanted to apply for this loan has to be at least 18 years of age, having regular monthly income and direct bank account.

Affordable Auto Insurance for Your Vehicles

Insurance can be the simplest solution to acquire financial security for certain issues. There is an insurance that usually is being regulated in order to provide the required financial protections against certain things like the car or vehicle insurance. The insurance for cars or vehicles are intended to provide protection for any physical damage and injuries caused by car collision; the financial protection for the liability caused by the incident also provided by the vehicle insurance. Some countries and states are creating minimum coverage of required vehicle insurance protection for every vehicle that the owner must provide. Most of the minimum requirement is to provide financial protection for the passenger and the third party involved in a traffic collision.
Due to the regulation to have auto insurance for every vehicles that are using public road; every vehicle owner should find and buy the suitable vehicle insurance policy for their vehicles. Some vehicle insurance also provides additional protection against theft and other vehicle problems. Every vehicle owner will need to find the suitable vehicle insurance with affordable rates. There are sources of information where vehicle owner can find the affordable vehicle insurance rate; creating vehicle insurance quote is one of the simple solutions to acquire the required protection in affordable insurance rate.

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Modern curriculum is designed for improving the quality of education; there are new methods of teaching and learning that are applied in the classes. The situations can a challenging situation for the students; there are more assignments and homework that the students have to do. Some subjects and assignments may need more effective learning in order to deliver the best result. Math, science and writing assignments usually cause serious problem for the students. Smart students might never find any difficulties in learning and doing assignments or homework, but there are more struggling students who find the learning and teaching activities are difficult and causing serious problem.
This situation is creating more opportunities for anyone who can do tutoring in order to help the struggling students to acquire more effective learning and support them in working on assignments and homework. The development of new methods in tutoring provides simpler tuition with the use of online technology. Anyone who is interested in being online tutor may visit in order to find online tutor positions available for online tutoring. The share of experience and knowledge with the struggling students can be a great advantage for them to support their understanding with the challenging and difficult subjects.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

You Determine Your Mood And Behavior

Although many of us try to blame others or circumstances for nearly everything or anything that might go wrong, motivated people understand that how we see things and thus react to them are predominantly a factor of our mindset. Our moods and our behavior are invariably determined by us. Perhaps the single biggest factor that determines whether someone is a winner or a loser is one's attitude. Blaming things for our unhappiness or situation are behaviors of losers, while winners are positive, self- motivated, forward looking, can- do individuals. Wayne Dyer wrote, "Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice."

1. Losers tend to live self- absorbed, miserable existences. They often seem unable, or unwilling to ever be happy or satisfied, always looking first at why things can't be done, and why things should be better, rather than focusing on success. Negative thinking invariably leads to bad moods, disappointment, dissatisfaction, unhappiness, and self- misery. These individuals are their own worst enemies, and often seem to always be a bad mood. These are the types of people who constantly appear to be displeased, and they often approach life looking for what's wrong, enjoy complaining, and not even giving themselves an opportunity for happiness and/ or satisfaction.

2. On the other hand, winners look at things from a positive perspective, always striving to look at the best aspects. It does not mean they are Polyanna's but rather that they handle circumstances. Winners always see opportunities despite setbacks or adversities, while losers invariably see only what may be imperfect. To use a sports analogy, a winner sees the green beyond the sand traps and focuses on the green and the hole, while losers focus on the traps and hazards and difficulties. A winning individual never uses circumstances as an excuse, while others seem to fall back and rely on that as the reason they were not successful. The positive people use their confidence and attitude to propel them forward, and to persist. This perseverance is often the difference between good results and less than stellar ones.

Motivation, especially self- motivation, must be far more than mere empty words or rhetoric. The greatest and most successful individuals are generally the ones that are happiest with themselves and their lives, because when one focuses on the negatives, and relies on blaming, the results invariably suffer. Every human being makes the choice, and everyone can be a winner, if they dedicate themselves to being positively motivated, and avoid the distractions and lethargy imposed by utilizing the blame game.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How to Motivate Yourself - Best 3 Tips for Getting Motivated

I guess you would like to know how to motivate yourself. Who wouldn't? Imagine a man fired up and his motivation to the roof. Imagine that this state of mind lasts for years. What do you think a man like that could achieve in his life? Yes, you are right! Everything! Motivation is the key to success in our life and we know that but we do not know the key to motivation. This is where we struggle and desperately want to find an easy way on how to motivate ourselves so that we can achieve everything that we have always dreamt about.

Tip #1 Distractions are Bad - Get Rid of Them Quickly

First thing you want to do if you would like to get motivated is to get rid of everything that distracts you in any way. Sit down, take a paper and write everything that you are doing in a routine every day but which is not important and which can be sliced out.

Most common thing that people do is watching TV too much. It's time to stop it. I'm not saying that you should throw the TV out of your home but at least make a list of things that you can watch and keep it really small because TV is not important. We just think it is because we have accustomed us to it. I assure you even if you throw it out of your home after a month you won't even need a TV. Daily news can be read on internet and I believe it's everything you need. Movies and specially TV series are time consuming. Educational material can also always be found on internet and you'll search only for things you want to know and you'll not lose time listening to 9 things you are not interested to find out one thing that is important to you.

Like TV you can also get rid of any other stuff in your life to free some space for important things.

Tip #2 Why do You Want to Know How to Motivate Yourself

OK, after the distractions we still need to know how to motivate yourself. So this is the next thing and maybe the most important thing you should do. Write down WHY you want to do something. For example why do you want to lose weight? Write everything down. If the reason is your health write all the good things if you exercise and all the bad things if you don't. What are the benefits of a great body you are dreaming of? Does attracting the girls/boys with a great body mean something to you? If yes write it down. Write everything, and write in details. This should be at least a one paper of text and whenever you feel down you should read this. Of course, on the way of exercising you'll find other benefits and the list should be changed. Keep revising the list on the way.

Tip #3 Setting Goals Will Get Your Motivation High Enough

After you got rid of distractions and after you've written down all the WHYs there is only one thing you should know about how to motivate yourself and this is setting goals. This is very important and it has to be done right. Writing only one final goal is not enough. You have to set many small goals and steps on the way to the final goal. You should also set the time deadlines for every goal. Goals have to be achievable, but on the other side they have to be challenging too. I personally go even further and set my goals for every day that comes. I take 5-10 minutes in evening and write down everything I'm going to do tomorrow. This has really helped me to do a lot of stuff that I've usually tried to avoid.

Let's do it NOW

These three steps are very good but they'll not work if you are not ready to implement them. You have to start doing it now. It's all up to you. I've only given you the tools; you have to use these tools to get a higher motivation level that will lead you to your dreams. I hope that I've helped you a little in your quest of how to motivate yourself.

Want some more information about motivation?

Maxwell Bowman is an expert author in self improvement area. He owns a website that teaches people how to motivate yourself. If interested, take a look.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Stop Planning - Start Doing

Have you ever hesitated to apply for a job because you thought you weren't good enough? "I'll study a bit more", you'd tell yourself. "I'll have to acquire more experience. Right now, I'm not ready." Or maybe you've been thinking about starting a new business, making it on your own. You're so tired of having a boss, of not being able to make your own decisions. Or have you found yourself dreaming that you could be a painter, a traveler or an actor. How marvelous it would be to do something you like for a living. But you never had the guts to give it a go, because you thought you weren't good enough.

Well, you were so wrong. If other people can do it, so can you. "Yes, but they know what they're doing", you might say. No, they don't. Most of them just took a chance and did their best. Because this is how things are done. If you wait around until you're ready, someone else will take your place. Not to mention you'll never do anything, because you're never ready. That's why you're stuck with a job that doesn't satisfy you anymore: because you're afraid to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Being afraid of the unknown is natural. It's what kept our species going. Running away from a savage animal or a strange tribe member is a self preserving instinct. But we don't live in tribes anymore. While a new job or a stressful situation might be a little unpleasant, it is surely not life-threatening. You have to understand and accept your fear, but don't submit to it. The reason why human beings have evolved so much is because they pushed themselves in spite of their fears. That's what you should do too, if you don't want to spend the rest of your life stuck in the same place.

One of the self sabotaging mechanisms we all use is the "lack of preparation" excuse. But no-one is a hundred percent prepared. You've done enough learning, studying and preparing. You know everything you need to know. No amount of courses, exams and diplomas will prepare you for what's to come. Learning is inaction. You are fooling yourself that you are taking steps towards your goal, but what you're really doing is keeping yourself stuck in the early stages. A surgeon who only operates on a computer is not a surgeon. An actor who knows all the lines by heart but never steps onto a stage is not an actor. You have to really be there, in the middle of it all, if you want to learn something. Because learning is done on the job. The only way up is to act.

Are you afraid to make mistakes? We all are. And we all make them. Are you afraid to make a fool out of yourself? We all do. That's how we learn. And that is how we become exceptional.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Forget Resolutions! Try Re-Solutions !

All over the Western world, the arrival of January signals the return of a event that is as predictable as the North American holiday called Groundhog Day and just as accurate in visioning the future. I am referring, of course, to that combination of good intentions, self-delusion and wishful thinking known as New Year's resolutions.

There does seem to be something in the human spirit that needs to recognize the letting go of the past and the promise of the future. Many of the customs of New Year festivals note the passing of time with both regret and anticipation. The baby as a symbol of the New Year dates to the ancient Greeks, with an old man representing the year that has passed. The Romans derived the name for the month of January from their god Janus, who had two faces, one looking backward and the other forward.

Shooting off firecrackers on New Year's Eve is the Chinese way of sending out the old year and welcoming in the New Year. On the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve, every door in the house, and even windows, have to be open to allow the old year to go out.

For Jews, the ten days starting with Rosh Hashanah are commonly known as the "Days of Repentance." This is a time for serious introspection, a time to consider the sins of the previous year and repent before Yom Kippur, the "Day of Atonement."

The practice of making resolutions to rid oneself of bad habits and to adopt better ones also dates to ancient times. And my guess, the ancient resolutions were as ineffective as our modern ones. It's not that resolutions don't have benefits. It's that they often benefit others. Among the biggest beneficiaries are gyms, weigh loss centers, & smoking cessation hypnotists.

So what to do? Abandon all hope of change for the better? No! We do have the power to realize our goals. It's not as easy as it was for Alice in Wonderland, who all along had the power to change her situation just by clicking her heels. Or maybe it is. We all possess the power within us to change. It's just that we tend to think globally (I want to lose weight, budget better, be less stressed, etc). And life is lived locally (what's for dinner?; I deserve that vacation; I need this job for the health insurance).

The key is act in doable chunks, which is why I propose "Sequential Re-Solutions." Don't make resolutions, take action steps. The "re-solution" is now focused on small, concrete actions that keep you on the path to you goals. Last year, one of my resolutions was to "get more organized." This year, it's to "start each day with a 5- 10 minute focus on the one or two most important things for me to accomplish this day." Another was to keep in touch with my far-away friends. This year, it's "compile a list of all my friends' birthdays and put it into my calendar with reminders to send a note."

What sequential re-solutions will you make that will keep you focused, motivated and successful? It's as easy as clicking your heels together.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's Not Complicated!

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. -Leonardo da Vinci

No Rules or Boundaries

The Internet is so intriguing. It's like the Wild West. So few rules and boundaries. The unimaginable is now real. Anybody with a lap top computer or even a smart phone can turn their thoughts and opinions into a video and launch it to the world in an instant. Sounds so easy, so why isn't everybody all over it? Well what seems so easy is a lot harder to engage for the majority because when they see the sizzle they freeze. Remember when computers and the Internet were a scary place for anybody not born into it?

Scary Geniuses

Why was it scary? Because it was new? Did you really need to know how to program code just to turn on the old IBM or the early Macintosh... certainly not. So why do we freeze, or worse, run in the other direction when we're confronted with something we've never seen; and why do we credit the early developers and adopters with having a certain genius that we definitely don't have? After all, what is genius and why not us?

Simple Einstein

If you consider Einstein, who seems to serve as the universal symbol for genius, yet it was that same guy that said, "make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler," sounds like simple wisdom not genius. In fact, when you look into Einstein's work, you'll run into many an anecdote about how he leveraged his imagination to the maximum, including riding alongside a beam of light as he considered his theory of relativity. Sounds fairly simple. Maybe you could do the same without any advanced degrees.

Frustrated Sleuth

Well similarly, I'm fascinated by the Internet and have a blast figuring out how things work. Yet rather than throw the word genius around, I study the person and what they're doing. I start by assuming that what they are doing is simple and then I go to work on discovery. You can believe that frustration shows up quickly because I too have become accustomed to instant gratification and that's led to many slamming downs of the cover of my Mac. However, I've now made it a game worth playing.

Cracked the Code

I use that same Internet to study. If it's something I really need or want to know, then I roll up my sleeves and go to work... hard work that is... the kind a farmer might be used to. As the time passes, suddenly there are big ah-ha and eureka moments that come with the discovery of some simple truth where I say out loud... that's how they do that, that's so easy i can do that! By the way that happened at the Mac store this week. For a $99 membership I can book unlimited coaching consults to learn amazing programs that can change the way I do many things like online "pros" and "geniuses" who wax on poetic about how that cracked all these codes... really?

Simple Foundation

So where's the motivation in all of this you say? Hello! You are the genius! You don't need anything but that mega-super computer you were born with. It doesn't matter whether you were born rich or poor, short or tall, and who cares what grades you got or what school you went to. In all things great and small there's a foundation. Sure maybe you have no interest in certain subjects or endeavors so those things will seem forever complicated, but the things you really really want to know about or achieve all you have to do is remind the super-computer that nothing's complicated down at the roots!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Someday I'll Be Great But Today I Haven't Done Anything Yet - He Said

Not long ago, I was talking with a university college student about all the great things he'd accomplished, but then he explained that he was still waiting, learning, gathering knowledge, and then when he was ready he'd decide what to do, and he'd be good at it because by then he'd have a degree, skills, and thus, a shoe-in for success in any endeavor he choose. But, I ask is this really the probable outcome, or some sort of wishful thinking fantasy. Let's talk.

You see, I inquired as to his successes thus far in life, he said that he has not done anything extraordinary; yet! So, I asked; "why not?" Which I do believe to be a fair question, but it was deflected because he said he was young, and not sure he was ready yet, but what is he waiting for a laser embroidered carbon nano-tube plaque invitation. Sure he can go out and achieve and now is the best time to start I'd say, yesterday would have been even better, but as they say; "Yesterday is Gone!"

One should trust self, and he does, so that's not an issue really, not with his knowledge of self. I was wondering why he hadn't accomplished anything, other than he feel he is not obligated too, or has plenty of time, or society isn't asking him to do anything but follow the approved categories of thought, and activities, thus, you are going with the flow as that's all that is "really" required, at the university that is.

The question is also a personal one for me, because I had achieved a laundry list of things by the time I was your age. So, I know it's possible, and so, I wonder what he has not been spending his time doing instead of just watching, waiting, learning, and following the approved schedule. It's not impossible to accomplish great things regardless of your age - young or old.

Of course if you make excuses and keep telling yourself you aren't ready yet, or things aren't perfect, then there is a good chance you may actually do nothing that great at any time in your life. It's time to make a play, now is the best time to start. What do they say in sports; "it's time to bust a move" and so I ask; what on Earth are you waiting for? Go out there and do it now. Please consider all this and think on it.

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Time To Act on Any Suitable Opportunity Is Now

Learn the art of exploring all opportunities, which may cross your path and build your experience and judgment, so that you can quickly decide if it is worth investing time and energy into exploring any new opportunity. It is always far easier to explore any opportunities and save buckets of your valuable time, if you have a crystal clear picture of exactly what you want to achieve. Using this clear understanding of what you want to achieve in your life or business, will help you to very quickly decide, if any opportunity is worth your time and energy or not.

Act When the Idea is Still Hot
The art of becoming a super achiever is to learn to ignore the good opportunities, so that you have time and energy available, to devote to only the great opportunities, which cross your path. Once you have identified a viable opportunity though, act immediately, when the idea is still hot and the emotion is strong.

If you hesitate too long before you begin to take action on any new opportunity, which is worthy of your time and energy and you don't act immediately, you will fall prey to the "LAW of DIMINISHING INTENT". Commit to immediately begin creating a crystal clear picture around the outcome you want to achieve and begin building a plan that will lead you there. Take action to start the process as soon as possible, before the feeling passes and the great idea begins to dim.

Take Action
Great intentions are too often killed through a lack of meaningful action, which is taken while the idea is fresh and the inspiration high. Unless you translate your great intentions into action very soon, the urgency diminishes and your passion dies.

The foundation for you to consistently realize meaningful results in your life is based on you engaging in genuine daily discipline and your commitment to take and keep taking inspired action every day. When you commit to daily discipline, you are able to capture the passion, emotion and wisdom of the moment and translate it into long term sustainable action process and you become unstoppable.

Quickly Establish new Daily Routines
The secret to make this work for you and your business is to very quickly establish the new daily disciplines or routines needed to convert any opportunity into success, as your new success habit set, as soon as possible. When you do this you have begun a whole new life process, which will promote your long term sustainable success. Discipline is the cornerstone of great success and your greatest ally for creating self-esteem and self-worth. Stay focused on the outcome you want to achieve, remain committed to apply the daily discipline necessary, to carry out all the actions, required to turn your plans into reality and you can and will make any dream or business goal real.

Simply commit to offer only your best every day and to continually build your self- respect. As you start with the smallest of daily disciplines, which is aligned with the outcomes you want to achieve and you commit to keep improving your daily discipline over time. You will gradually build an unbreakable foundation for sustainable success. As you continue to build the necessary daily disciplines required to achieve all your personal and business goals in the years to come, you will begin to celebrate remarkable, almost magical and what will feel like effortless successes in your life.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How God Arrested Me - A True Story on Salvation

I was completely taken by surprise when God arrested me. It had never come to my mind that God had been trailing me.

You might be in a similar situation. If you are still unsaved, you've got to understand that God is trailing you and will never give up on you. But you will need to come to a point of attentiveness, for you to hear and heed the call. If you become busy with too many things you might miss that which is most important to your life.

I will walk you through my personal experience, to show you one of the ways that God could use to get hold of straying people.

I graduated from the University of Zimbabwe in 1991 with a Bsc. Honours Degree in Economics. When I was still at college, I thought that I would get a job soon after completing my studies. I became even more convinced about this when I passed well in the final examinations; I do not, however, mean that passing well was a new experience for me.

I used to rent a room in Hatcliffe, Harare, when I was doing my second year, because I had failed to secure accommodation on campus. Even though I eventually managed to get accommodation on campus in my third year, I decided to continue renting the room, as storage for a few belongings that I had acquired.

After completing my degree I returned to Hatcliffe. I had some money that I had saved from my student allowances. I was looking for a job, but it seemed employment was eluding me. I had initially thought that I would find employment within the first quarter of 1992, but things turned out the other way. I came to a point when I could no longer pay rent or buy food to feed myself. The student allowances had run out and I had no other source of income.

I have got a nephew by the name Clever Makaza. After seeing my plight, he invited me to stay at his place. He was by then renting a flat in Eastlea, where he was staying with his family. I opted to stay in a semi-complete house that he was building in Kuwadzana 2.

I had no money. I had no food. I was lucky that I had found free accnmmodation. But even though I was in such bad financial shape, I could not bring myself to ask for money from anybody, not even my closest relatives. I said to myself, "I am not employed. If I ask for money how would I repay? What guarantee would I give the lender?" I also considered it improper to ask for cash donations. So I chose to keep my silence.

After observing my attitude, Clever would come to my place, look around in the room to see which food items had run out, then go to the supermarket to buy the required provisions, without me asking. That's what kept me alive, and up to now I feel extremely grateful for the assistance.

My experiences mean a lot to me. I have come to believe that everything that happens in a person's life has some significance.

Clever subsequently received salvation. I considered it unsophisticated of him to do so, honestly. I used to wonder why people worshipped God. I thought Christians were mistaken somehow. I did not believe God existed. That made me a fool.

One day Clever came to my place and said, "Sekuru, I ask you to accompany me to church on Sunday. Do not worry about bus fare; I will pay for you."

To be honest, Clever had put me in a hard place by requesting this. I just did not want to attend church. I had no business there!

I could have used the excuse of being broke, but Clever had already pre-empted this. I could have used the excuse that I was required at work on the day of the church service, but Clever knew that I still had not got a job. I could have used the excuse that I had other commitments, but Clever knew fully well that I spent my days doing nothing but sitting.

So I was in a fix. The matter was compounded by the fact that I did not believe that God existed. I would have opted to spend the day staring at my shadow than go to church. But I had no choice. I could not let Clever down, given all that he had done for me. So I accepted. But I was going to accompany him only "as a favour". Imagine.

The following Sunday I accompanied Clever to church. That was during the third quarter of 1992. The service was held in Hatfield. I did not see or hear anything spectacular in the service. After church we went our separate ways.

I thought I was done with the church business, but was greatly disturbed when the following week Clever returned with the same request. "Again?" I complained silently. I began to wonder what Clever was up to. I began to think that he had developed a passion for disrupting my peace. But I agreed to accompany him... again. Did I have a choice? No; not under the circumstances.

Something remarkable happened to me during the second service. Like in the previous service, I neither saw nor heard anything extraordinary. But for some reason I came to a decision that totally transformed my life. I said to myself, "I should have worshipped God a long time ago. What has been holding me back all along?"

God works in wonderful ways. If you read my story carefully you will note that all that happened to me was a build-up to this climax. It is true that faith comes by hearing the message.

God is talking to you. What you need to do is to give yourself time to listen. Whether you are a Christian or non-Christian, there are words coming from God relevant to your condition.

I sat and listened. As I did, God arrested me. Now I am happy in His jail. Do I want to get out of the prison? No! I want to remain inside, not doing my own will but His, not having my own kind of freedom, but His kind of freedom. My kind of freedom would spell spiritual death, but His kind of freedom means life, always.

God bless!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's Time to Shine Your Light

Recently I have begun a process to extend my work, to get it out to more people. Some of you have read my blogs which are listed below. Some of you have read my books. I decided it was time to play bigger, to take more responsibility, and to shine the light that is within me.

I am not special. You have a light to shine, too. Is it shining as much as it could? Are you stepping up and playing bigger? I don't know at what age you get to ignore what others think of you and just be yourself. My guess is that it's whatever age you are right now. This is the time to do some sorting. What is important to you, and what is not?

Where do you spend your time? Is it mostly in front of the television or on the internet? Other escape activities? Escape is a necessary thing, but it can be overdone. If you spend three hours in front of the television every day, and you took one of those hours and devoted it to something productive, what would be the result? Consider one of the following: One hour of prayer and meditation; one hour of writing; one hour of creative expression through art or music; one hour with your children or grandchildren; one hour talking with your spouse or significant other; one hour working out; or one hour building a business. Choose one of the above or some other activity of value and ask yourself: "Would this add value to my life, or to the lives of others? How would I feel?

For those of you whose schedules are already overwhelming, step back. Does everything you do serve your highest good? Is it worth the time and energy? Does each activity support your purpose? What could you cut out? What doesn't really feed you but feeds on you instead? Are you willing to let it go?

It's time to shine your light. It's time to step up and be heard. What are you here to do? Take a deep breath; stand tall with excellent posture; look at people directly in their eyes; and speak with confidence. Don't shrink or play small. Don't try to intimidate or overwhelm. Speak with authority.

Recently a man who did shine his light fully passed away. His name was Stephen Covey and he was 79 years old. Covey's bestseller, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, sold 20 million copies. He built a publishing and learning empire on the foundation of that book. Stephen didn't die of old age. He died from injuries sustained from a bicycle accident-- head injury, cracked ribs, and partially collapsed lung. He lost control on a downhill ride. Almost everyone who has offered workshops and speeches related to leadership has been influenced by Covey. His light will continue to shine long after his passing.

One day you will pass on. What will be your legacy? Will the world be better because you were here? Will you die with joy in your heart, or full of resentments and disappointments? How will you live between now and then? We don't know the exact moment of our earthly death. We do know the exact moment of our life. It's right now! Right now you can choose to cease blaming and complaining and avoiding. You can choose to envision joy and freedom and shining your light.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Be Awake And Let Your Dreams Come True

Do you each and every day live consciously and in relation to who you want to be and where you want to go? Or do days, weeks, months and even years pass without you really thinking about how you are doing and where you are going with your life?

Now I want to wake you up. I want to ask you to fully step into your life and be present and responsible for yourself and what you get out of your life.

I want you to responsible for your thoughts

If you want to change something in your life then the first thing you should change are your thoughts, probably the most effective change you can make.

Be aware of what you think about during the day.

Do you think as a winner? Do you think about what you want and what you have to do to achieve it.

Or do think as a looser? Do you blame others for how you are doing in your life and that there is nothing you can do about it?

When you start thinking positive thoughts your body and life react to it and your life becomes better and you feel better. When you feel better and happy you will experience more success in what you are doing.

Many wait for the success to be happy without much results. That is because it works better the other way around, start being happy and you will get more success. People will like you better and with people come opportunities.

I want you to be responsible for with whom you interact and spend your time with

It has been stated that we are the average of the five persons we spend most time with. Think about the five persons you spend most of your time with. How are they doing in their lives? Are they growing as persons and going somewhere in their lives or just hanging around doing the same things over and over?

If the average of your five people is not as you would like think about how you can change it.

Spend time with people you can learn from. Spend time with people you challenge you, motivate and inspire. Spend time with people who want you to do well in your life and hold you accountable for working on that.

I want you to be responsible for achieving your dreams and vision

To begin with, I hope you are well aware of what your dreams and vision are. If not, grab right now a pen and paper and write them down. If you have to spend time thinking about what dreams and vision you have please take your time.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Discovering the Purpose of Our Lives

"You were born an original. Don't die a copy."
~John Mason

A core reason for our unhappiness is discontent with the life we have. It sounds obvious. The truth is we often hunger for another life; or of portions of others' lives. By instinct, envy grabs us. And we appear helpless against it.

But against this flow is the opportunity to wrangle with our essences of originality.

First we must get to know these essences of originality. Then we explore barriers to the acceptance of these.


Whilst some of us have had deplorable pasts, and the rest of us have portions of our pasts we would prefer to forget, we will not progress toward the acceptance of ourselves unless we reconcile the role our pasts have played in the becoming of us.

As persons, we are who we have become.

All of what we have endured has gone into the psychic melting pot that comprises us.

There is no healthy rationale for continuing to endure shame because of what happened to us. We had little if no role in the construction project that was, with our parents and guardians as builders, our childhood. We were subject to the elements at play back then. Even the healthiest of upbringings will involve some sense for ongoing shame. None of our parents were that perfect that they made no mistakes. Besides all this, we were born broken.

Accepting what is gone, by doing the inner work to get there, is crucial in being able to move forward.


Perhaps this is an exercise we need to continually practice. Creating a definition of success that fits with our unique history and personality is a great task. It is a decision and an action of significant assertiveness.

As we accept our essences of originality, taking stock of who we are, we are ideally placed to know what and who we are becoming.

A life that is throbbing with purpose is a good life. Everyone has the same task. When we discover who we are and what we are about our purpose becomes clearer or is affirmed. We are a success when we are on the right road of our purpose.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Want to Get Motivated to Keep Going? Review All The Milestones You've Already Passed

Not all of us are able to stay at 110% in full military power all the time in everything we do. For those that cannot muster the strength to stay motivated, after they've been knocked down by a ton of bricks, and believe me I've been there, there is something you can do. You can review all the milestones that you've already passed. You can consider all the adversity you have overcome. You can remember all that you've been through to get where you are today. Let me explain why.

You see, when you see how far you've been, and you consider all those milestones you past to get to where you are now, you realize that you can't go back, that you can't quit, and that you must never surrender. That will motivate you. The other day, I was talking to an acquaintance and he mentioned that there was this individual who dropped out of college, and had foregone his desired future.

At that point he had a literal mental breakdown and he gave up in the mind, and refused to go on. But why I ask, he had come that far. Apparently this individual had always won, but not without hard work and sacrifice, still he had never experienced the adversity of defeat, something is often needed to build the strength of character to motivate one to get back up, dust off, and to go again.

In considering the overwhelming psychological trauma this individual faced, it sdemed it would have been a perfect time for him to reflect how far he'd come, and reevaluate what he had to do to keep going forward. He should've set more interim goals along the way. Set a new strategy and course to keep going, to motivate himself, but he didn't. I don't want this to happen to you, instead, I want you to consider what I've said, and use it to keep going.

Some people have coaches to help them along the way, but the best coach is truly in your mirror, it's you. You know what you've gone through, where you've been, and where you want to be. It's time that you did a little reviewing, stepped back from the picture, and out of your box, and then you'll see it clear his day.

Winston Churchill used to have a favorite saying that he repeated over and over; "if you have to go through hell to get to where you're going, don't stop," and his other quote which is quite famous is this; "never, never, never, never ever give up!" or something to that affect.

Okay so, you don't have to take my advice, take his. Consider what you've had to go through to get to where you are now, you've been through worse, you can do this. Think on it.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Overcome Inertia - How Do You Get Started on Your Success Journey?

Yes a journey of one thousand miles does indeed start with the first step. The challenge for most people though, is to find that inner drive and desire, to actually get off their butt, escape their comfort zone and for them to take that first teetering step and then to stay inspired enough, to keep taking steps every day after that. Success as you know is never an event, it is a process.

Know "WHY" You Want To Achieve It

The level of success you will get to enjoy is directly proportional to how well you can overcome the self that wants to give up and replace it with the self, who wants to succeed. The first step in this process of becoming and remaining inspired is of course to decide "WHY" you want to achieve anything. Once you have uncovered the deep rooted reason why something is important to you. The thing you want to achieve will grab a hold of you and you will be inspired from within to do what it takes to achieve the desired outcome.

Know What Success Means to You

Until you know what success means to you specifically, you are flying blind chasing after a phantom, you may not even want. Invest the time to define what success looks like, feels like and sounds like. In other words what will you have, be doing and need to be, for you to feel successful.

This is not as easy as it sounds. Society has trained us to believe that success is about how much money, power and fame we have and in some cases, that is exactly what success will mean to you. The challenge we face though, is that for many people, success is about time with family, great relationships, good health, meaningful careers, making a real difference to their world etc. Yet they are programmed by what they believe they should want by society's norms and expectations, so they never feel completely committed to their goals. This makes them feel distant form their dreams and stops them from ever fully committing to their goals.

Action Idea: Have the courage to uncover what is really important to you, really introspect and discover what success really means to you and you will have unlocked the most powerful driver for your success. When the actions you take every day are aligned with your inner needs and highest values, nothing will be able to stop you. Every challenge will be seen as an opportunity to learn and grow. You will no longer need any external motivation, to take the daily actions you need to take to succeed. You will be inspired from within.

See Any Temporary Failure or Setback as an Event

Any success journey is going to present you with challenges; even things which will make you feel like you have failed. The secret to success is to always view any stumbling blocks as merely a temporary inconvenience, only an event on your success journey. I know this is an old cliche, but try to turn every stumbling block into a stepping stone. Don't just try to stumble over any setback or roadblock, step boldly onto any challenge, learn what you can, discover the possible opportunity hidden in any challenge and use this as a catalyst to propel you to new heights of achievement. See challenge, setbacks and roadblocks as the fertilizer for your success. This shift will help you to quickly overcome challenges and stay focused on your goals.

Is it Possible to Be Driven and inspired Every Day?

Despite all our good intentions, regardless of the level of success anyone may have achieved, everyone has times, when they really don't feel like doing the things they know they need to do, to succeed. This is normal and just part of being human. The difference between those who become super achievers and those who live unfulfilling lives, is yes, the super achievers, know why they want to achieve something, they know what success really means to them and they see failures as merely events. But the real differentiator, comes down to the super achievers having the mental fortitude, at those crucial moments in their lives when they really don't feel like taking action, they are able to conquer complacency and move themselves to action. Do not allow yourself to give up, just because things may be tough.

Joining the Dots

    Success is about knowing what you want
    Why you want it
    Having a plan to help you to achieve exactly what you desire.
    Knowing what success really means to you
    See challenges as events and opportunities to grow
    Remain focused on the outcome you want to achieve
    Reward your successes
    Connect your daily actions with pleasure rather than pain.

When you introduce this process into your life, you will be inspired every day. In other words any idea or goal you have, will grab a hold of you. You will no longer be pursuing something. You will feel driven to achieve it.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

5 Emotional Keys to Breakthrough Your Performance

Emotional Intelligence, or what is more commonly known as EQ has been considered as one of the key requirements for good performance and success in school and at work since Daniel Goleman popularized this concept in 1995.

Emotions are like energy that fuels our behavior, speech and actions. You know how you performed when you felt positive emotions like confidence, motivated, and excited. You must have also delivered less than ideal performance when you felt negative emotions such as anger, sadness and fear.

Conventionally, most of us are taught to suppress our emotions so that we can be logical and rationale in our decisions, speech and actions. While you may have used that to survive unpleasant situations, that doesn't strengthen your emotional muscles and maturity for better performance.

So how do we manage, master and even leverage on our emotions to breakthrough your performance and achieve greater results. Let's take a look at the 5 Emotional Keys to Breakthrough Your Performance.

1. Emotional Awareness

Most of us deny our negative emotions without knowing that in doing so, we are actually energizing the negative emotion. Denial is a form of suppression, and in suppressing the emotion you are actually allowing it to grow and strengthen within you.

Suppressing an emotion also takes away constructive physical and mental energy away from you. So the way out is not to deny, but to be aware of the negative emotion that you are feeling by acknowledging and accepting it. It is as simple as saying to yourself "Yes, I am feeling angry."

When we become aware of our emotions, it also means we know our emotional reaction patterns. When you are hit by a negative emotion, you normally react in a particular way. For example, when you are sad, your usual reaction could be to withdraw and keep to yourself.

So for a start, sit down and identify your negative reaction patterns to these common negative emotions: anger, sadness and fear. Then ask yourself what is a more positive response for each of the emotion. Commit to responding in the more positive manner the next time you experience the negative emotion.

2. Emotional Control

While suppressing our negative emotions is not healthy, there are occasions where we are not able to express that emotion. For example, when you are angry with your boss or client, you probably cannot express your anger verbally toward him. At that moment, you will need Emotional Control.

Emotional Control is not suppressing that negative emotion, but to keep it down for the moment and do what you need to do to resolve the situation. In this case, you might just need to keep quiet and listen to what you boss has to say, or stay calm and listen to the grievances of your client.

After you have done what you need to do to resolve the situation, find a private corner or place and have some time to yourself. In your mind, revisit that incident and get in touch with that negative emotion again. Let it arise in you, and feel it until it dissolves away.

3. Emotional Engagement

Let's change the angle and talk about positive emotions now. While negative emotions have a downside effect on our performance, positive emotions do the inverse. When you feel a positive emotion or several positive emotions, you will naturally perform better, won't you?

When you feel confident about a task, you will approach it with so much certainty and be able to draw upon your mental and physical resources to complete it. So the key here is to engage your positive emotions; that's emotional engagement.

The best way is to tap into naturally occurring positive emotions. For instance, you could eat your favorite food or listen to your favorite tune to put yourself in a positive emotional state when you need it.

However, often it could be inconvenient to create naturally occurring positive emotions. You could be a few minutes away from going to deliver an important examination, interview or presentation, where to find the food or music? That's when you can tap upon positive emotions from your past.

Simple close your eyes and in your mind, visit a few past events where you felt positive emotions like success, happiness, confidence, motivated etc. Ensure that you are adopting a first party view in each event.

4. Emotional Freedom

Many people and workshops advocate managing our negative emotions so that we could deliver better performance and results in school and at work. However, if we have to continue managing our negative emotions, wouldn't that be quite tiring? What if we could be free from common negative emotions? That would be nice, wouldn't it? That's Emotional Freedom?

Perhaps it is not easy to achieve Emotional Freedom, for each of us have collected own fair share or emotional baggage over the past many years. Yet there are some people amongst us who live joyfully and successfully in all areas of their lives because they are free from negative emotional energy.

Let go of the emotional baggage that you are holding onto inside you. They could be past unresolved issues, past relationships, past pain, past heartbreaks, and past negative events. If there is a person or an event that when you recall still brings negative emotions in you, that's an emotional baggage. Go resolve it, and do so just one at a time.

Resolving it could mean forgiving the person, giving the person a call to apologize, talking about or journaling the event, or even seeking a professional coach or therapist to assist you.

5. Emotional Wisdom

Emotional Wisdom is the ability to see the message behind our emotions. Emotions are communication from our subconscious mind to our conscious mind. Emotions tell us that there is something not right within us that we need to give attention to.

For example, if a certain type of speech or action always triggers a negative emotion in you, there must be a root somewhere in your subconscious mind that needs resolution. The question is then do you have the Emotional Wisdom to recognize it, search for it, and resolve it?

You have Emotional Wisdom if you could appreciate the no-so-nice events in your life such as career setbacks, relationship failures, and health breakdown as calls for attention to your internal psychology. With Emotional Wisdom, you would see what is taking place as just temporary and can be changed by resolving your internal conflicts.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Give Yourself Permission

We are all busy, and there are so many demands for our time! We have to be here, take the kids there, go see parents, family, and friends. There are things you have to do for work, activities, parties, social outings, sporting events, organizations, I am sure you get my drift. Even finding time to read this newsletter may feel like reading a 100-page book to some of you. It has always amazed me how quickly requests for information, obligations, and invitations piled up. I would never be home, or even available if I went to every event I was invited to or said yes to every invitation I received, neither would you. I am always honored by the request that people send and I know that there are always some great events and experiences that I miss, but what about balance.

There was a time in my life when things got totally out of hand. I was trying to please everybody, I did what other people "expected and wanted me to do" because I didn't want anyone to be disappointed. I seemed to be going from place to place, smile, camera, and action, but I was stressed out, sick, tired, and angry, because I didn't have any time to do what I wanted to do. Although, they were all great things, work, church events, great causes, hanging out with friends and people who I loved and valued, my family and me were suffering because it was all TOO MUCH.

It all came to a head one night when I was driving home from church. I was livid that this cop stopped for "no good reason" and I had an attitude. He asked me if I knew why he stopped me and I had no idea. I was exhausted, and on autopilot, I realized at that precise moment that I couldn't even remember taking the 50-minute drive home. It was scary for me to think of what could have happened to my child, and me or what I could have done to someone else in that state of exhaustion. The nice police officer must have seen the shock on my face, and appreciated the honesty and let me go, but it was a sobering moment.

Something has to change!

My life was filled with obligations. I should do this and I needed to do that, but there were very few opportunities for me. I was guilty of giving more than I had to give, and something needed to change.

A Look Inside

For years, I had been encouraged to take one for the team. As I child, I remember being told not to be selfish, and to think of others, but this kind of thinking had almost gotten me killed. What I learned through this experience is balance is a gift you give to both yourself and others; you can't take care of anyone else, if you don't take care of yourself first. You are important too, and you need to honor yourself and the gift inside of you.

With that realization and some help I implemented these strategies, hopefully they can help you, as well.

1. No, IS your friend. Say no or say nothing, unless something really resonates with you, remember, your time is limited, if you say yes to everything you may end up shutting the door to something you really want to do. When we were 2 years old, we said no all the time, and it was fun. I encourage you to reintroduce the skill. No, is great, and it can protect you from saying yes to the wrong thing.

2. Ask yourself why? Why do I want to do this, is it so I don't hurt someone's feelings, or because I am afraid of what they will think or say if I say no, or is it something I really want or need to do? Occasionally, you have to take one for the team, but if that is every event or every invitation there is something deeper going on, be honest. You will NEVER make everyone happy, so at least, please yourself.

3. Do you really have the time? Look at your schedule; do you really have the time? Is this realistic, and what will a "yes" cost you. If you haven't spent any time with your family for a week, perhaps you need to say "no" to them and "yes" to your family. I don't know how many people have lost husbands or wives, or had their families fall apart because they felt neglected and didn't know how to tell the other person it was too much. People expect you to take care of your own household. You are supposed to set healthy boundaries so don't expect them to be there when it falls apart because you didn't use wisdom.

4. Ask yourself this question, If I said no, what is the worse thing that could happen? This is a great question because you get to come face to face with your fears. Most of the time our imaginations are on overdrive, we think of the craziest things the people who truly care about you will understand and accept no, it may take some time, but be honest.

I realize that this will be a big shift for some of you, it was a big shift for me, as well. The messages that we heard all our lives about how we should act are strong, and they are often validated by the people who don't want us to change. Give yourself permission to make time for you, not occasionally, but often, I know you can do it, and I can't wait until you see what happens when you do!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Get Out of Your Hiding Place

Everyone born into this world has an inherent talent. There is a purpose that must be fulfilled but unfortunately, a large proportion of people have not discovered the gifts in them and many will not in their lifetime. You are not a number holding down a spot in the world population figure. You are far greater than that. You are wired to make things happen but this will never be the case if you have not discovered what you have been called to do. Recognizing your gifts and harnessing the potential that lies within you is the route to living a fulfilling life. It's time to get out of hiding. Don't live in isolation. Give room for your talent to find expression. If it is not expressed, it cannot manifest.

The meaning of life is a life of meaning. Until you realize the purpose for your life, you will never enjoy life and the opportunities it throws at you. Rise, get out of hiding and be great. Do the great things you were meant to do. Look deep inside you, realize what your life purpose is and embrace it. And when you do find purpose and meaning in life, you discover yourself to be a greater person than you ever dreamed of. The world you live in will never be the same and the opportunities life throws at you will be abundant. Explore yourself and live your passion. Living a fulfilling life starts with you having clarity about your purpose.

Once you have the ability to understand your gifts, you gain the control to put them to use. You have more power when you know more about yourself and this can help create the life you want. If you're struggling in your life or profession, it could be you're not in the place of your purpose. Discovering your purpose sets you up for success. Everything created by God has a purpose. I believe you were created to solve a problem and your success is dependent on your ability to find that problem and solve it. When you find that problem, it means you have discovered your purpose and when you solve the problem, it means you have fulfilled that purpose. Let me ask you five questions and your response to these can help you figure out what your purpose in life is all about.

What do you enjoy doing? Your purpose revolves around your passion. The very successful people I know are those who enjoy what they do. Do you love to sing, write, speak, sell stuffs, do sports, entertain people, break things down in order to rebuild them, cook etc. Whatever it is you enjoy doing is an indicator for your purpose.

What do people appreciate most in you? In what area of your life do you receive the most compliments? Maybe people tell you how good of a singer you are. It could be that each time you get into a place or gathering of people, the place comes alive. Whatever you receive compliment for most of the time could be a key to your purpose. Don't ignore it.

What drives your curiosity? What are you interested in? The knowledge pull you scoop from most of the time indicates your interest in that thing. Do you love exploring various musical instruments? Do you love attending seminars and conferences in particular fields just to help improve your knowledge base and how you can be better in that area of interest? if it drives your curiosity most of the time, it could also be a driving force for your purpose.

What brings out the best in you? Whatever you excel in can be an indicator to your purpose. Are you good at naturally fixing cars? This could imply that your purpose could be connected to the automobile industry. Are you at your best when it comes to closing deals? You may be on the path to becoming a great negotiator or business mogul. Discover the best in you and you are not far from being fulfilled.

What catches your attention easily? Your ability to constantly notice something that others do not pay attention to could be a precursor to finding your purpose. Do you also get easily uncomfortable when people don't get things done properly? That you can easily observe a wrong tone when someone is singing, could mean you can be a better singer. A fashion designer will notice a dress that is not well made. When you pick up tiny bits of details in a specific area of interest effortlessly, this could be a pointer to discovering your purpose.

Monday, January 23, 2012

A Psychology Research That Can Help You Stop Procrastinating

Let me start by telling you that procrastinating is not really what you call it. It is not the lack of ability to take action. In fact, procrastination is about trying to avoid the thought of thinking too much.

In a study conducted in 1999, Read, Loewenstein and Kalyanaraman had people pick three movies out of a selection of 24. Some were lowbrow like "Sleepless in Seattle" or "Mrs. Doubtfire." Some were highbrow like "Schindler's List" or "The Piano." In other words, it was a choice between movies which promised to be fun and forgettable or would be memorable but require more effort to absorb.

The subject was supposed to pick one of the movies right away and watch it. Then he had to watch one on the second day and the other two days later.

Most people chose a movie that was thoughtful because their friends said they were good, they had good reviews and they had lots of awards following them. But, they decided to watch them on the last day.

To watch on the very first day, most subjects chose fun, comedy and flicks that needed least of thinking and most of enjoyment. This by far is the simplest examples of how people begin to procrastinate.

We procrastinate because our brains love simplified subjects. Our brains love to think less and enjoy more. In fact, the researchers also concluded that people would go for the junk food first, but plan healthy meals in the future.

You wait till the last minute to get that birthday present, plan the trip, pack your bags, visit the doctor, file taxes or study for exams. You're procrastinating because you mind wants to think less.

Winning over procrastination start by understanding the consequences. When you realize what you are going to be rewarded for. When you take rewards into consideration, your mind begins to think.

After all, stopping procrastinating is about making your mind believe that what you should do now is more important than the fun loving lazy experience you want to have now.

The best way to stop procrastinating is to create a relative comparison. It is about creating a fear in your mind to lag behind. You should commit yourself to the company of people who can surround yourself with successful behavior even with the most lazy of tasks.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Finding The Purpose Of Your Life: Six Ways To Identify Your Dream

Just about everyone who achieves great things in life dreams of success first and gains words of motivation from those dreams. Knowing what you want helps you through the tough times and gives direction when you need it.

Most people however believe dreams are silly and indefinite and refuse to admit they dream at all but the truth is we all dream in some way. The key is to pin down what those dreams are and they then become easier to achieve. There are six rules to consider as you attempt to discover what it is you want.

1. No Restrictions

There is a song in the musical 'Joseph' that says 'Any dream will do,' and frankly, if the dream is important enough than it will do. Never dismiss a dream as being silly or impossible.

The greatest achievements in history have come about from a dream. The pyramids were somebody's dream once, as were black rights in America fifty years ago. What was it Martin Luther King said? "I have a dream."

What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail? If achieving something would make you happy then it is good enough.

2. Do Not Let Anyone Else Set Your Dreams

Be selfish. Let other people identify their own dreams. Understand what it is YOU want. You will achieve nothing attempting to satisfy other people.

If you have a spouse or partner, set your own aims and then discuss with him or her what your shared ideals will be: but you do need your own dreams.

For years I thought I had to expect to lie on some exotic beach somewhere or go for a cruise. I tried to give myself words of motivation to achieve this to no avail. Then suddenly I realised these were not my dreams, they were expected of me. Sorry. I want something else.

If you do want these things however, that is okay. It is your dream after all, not mine.

3. Do Not Consider How You Will Achieve Them

If you specify what it is you want the way to achieve it will become clear to you. You have to have faith in that. Jim Rohn said, "When you know what you want and you want it badly enough, you'll find a way to get it."

4. List Your Dreams On Paper

Spend some quiet time on your own, think about what you want from life and write it down. Doing this allows you to clear your mind until the next idea comes to mind. You then have the opportunity to return to the results later for further reflection.

You need to capture your ideas when xou can. You will end up with a blueprint of your life so it would be criminal to lose track of the thoughts. When I tried this, the ideas came in a burst so writing them down brought some order to the creative chaos.

In any case, there is something magical about writing aims down. It seems to bring them closer to becoming reality.

Never write a long description either. Being too detailed will stem the flow of ideas; just jot down enough words to remind you later. For example, if you have always wanted that brilliant red Ferrari 458, then just write 'Ferrari 458' and you will remember all the details later. Motivational phrases are often short!

5. Dream Big Dreams

Big ambitions will get you excited. Somehow a greater dream has more attraction. Let your imagination go wild. No restrictions.

I cannot imagine that Usain Bolt wanted to be any thing less than the fastest man in the world, for example. Did Lance Armstrong set out to ride down to the shops? Where would we be if Nelson Mandela had decided he could not make a difference to South Africa?

There is a good reason why David J. Schwarz called his classic book 'The Magic Of Thinking Big.' He said, "How big we think determines the size of our accomplishments."

Bear in mind, however, that once you have identified your big goals, you should also set smaller goals as stepping-stones to achieve on the way. The achievement of these will give you continual motivation along the way.

6. Get to Know Your Dreams

Once you have a list of your aims in life, find out all you can about them. Get out and touch them if you can.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Self Improvement: Motivation Article Category

The only constant in our lives in these ever evolving and changing times, is change. You can either choose to design the changes you want in your life and business or you can continue to just drift aimlessly through life and wait for change to randomly happen to you and your business. When you choose to alter things for the better by design, you wrestle back control of your life and you get to manage your circumstances, so that things no longer just continue to worsen through neglect. They become things over which you exert conscious control and as such, you can create the life and business success you desire, one small insignificant positive daily action at a time.

Become a Victor of Change

Stop choosing to be a victim to change any longer and start to use change to your advantage. Become a victor within the inevitable change, you are exposed to every day, by anticipating change and finding ways to turn change into opportunity. Don't start looking at ways to change things in your environment, if the change you really desire is in your own life and circumstances. Any change you desire starts and ends with you and your beliefs, attitude and expectations. Changes in your environment are a direct consequence of any changes in you.

Embrace Change

When facing the choice to change your mind about the way you view things in your world or business or proving to yourself there is no need to change. Don't waste valuable time getting busy on the proof, rather change what seems unchangeable by changing the way you view things. Remember: "change is a door that can only be opened from the inside".

What is the Mirror of your Life Reflecting?

Look at what life is reflecting back at you right now, this reflection was created by your past thoughts, actions and beliefs. If you don't like the reflection, you can change everything, going forward, by simply changing the way you do things. Accept that not all the changes you make, will deliver the exact results you desire, every time. If things don't work out, adjust your approach, but never a give up. All progress requires change, but not all change results in progress, every time.

Change is Constant and a Certainty

The one certainty, in our lives right now, is frequent change and as change seldom happens in a vacuum. We can either allow change to control us and our futures or we can consciously anticipate, work with and/or around change. By learning to co-operate with change, you can uncover and utilize the numerous opportunities, which these changing times have to offer and discover a vehicle to assist you to realise your business goals and personal dreams.

Review your Progress Daily

Our journey through life is one of creation and evolution, within the constraints of an ever changing landscape. The constant change we face every day means that we must review our progress as often as possible. It may be necessary to redefine our direction or that of our business on multiple occasions throughout our lives, to ensure that we are staying abreast of any changes, which may occur in our environment.

Wake up Eager to tackle your Day

If you do not wake up eager to face your day and you do not feel good about not only what you do, but who you are. Then it may be time for you to revaluate, redefine and implement some positive changes in your life and business. Are you willing and capable of changing and/or rearrange your priorities to bring them in line with your expectations and desires. Stop compromising and accepting mediocrity any longer. It is time to begin appreciating yourself and your business. To finally allow your observant eye to discover and utilise, the latent power that is hidden all around and within you.

Dare to Break Free from your Self Imposed Comfort Zone

Change requires leaving your comfort zone and plunging headfirst into uncomfortable situations. True, this may cause some pain and discomfort in the moment, but it's the quickest path to generate long-term fulfilment and meaning. Today, when any unexpected changes or challenges appear and they feel like they may overwhelm you, KEEP GOING... and know there's Light and opportunity right behind them.

Confront Uncertainty

To grow and discover new vistas you must learn to manage and confront uncertainty, because as you expand and grow as an individual and business professional. As you reach for new levels of freedom and business growth, as your power and self-awareness expands and as you stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone. You will not only experience discomfort and uncertainty, but you also will get to experience new opportunities and meaningful successes.

You are capable of the most remarkable things, no matter what happens in your environment or business. Search deep inside yourself, for you are filled with gifts, which are waiting to be discovered and employed. These gifts will allow you to positively change anything in your life or business. Embrace these changes and you will begin to enjoy the results you desire.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Why You Should Stay Happy at Work

Looking for the what are known as greener pastures is usual among employees. The monotony of daily routine can often make people feel that they deserve much better than the rut they were in. Even so, it is best to think things over before choosing leave a present job and look for a "better" one. The grass may look greener on the other hand of the fence but it doesn't necessarily imply that it is better on the other side. Follow this advice concerning how to maintain a positive attitude and content at the workplace.

1. Do not take your own problems to work. Keep focused entirely on your job and you should not let personal issues affect your productivity.

2. Come up with your work station as comfortable as you possibly can. You happen to be spending the majority of your waking hours in the office so make it as relaxing as possible, but also be mindful of company policies and the private spaces of co-workers.

3. Have friends at work. Getting along with co-workers can make difficult tasks seem easier. Friends at work can act as some sort of support system to whom you can voice out concerns and get advice from work related issues.

4. Keep healthy. Maintain a balanced diet and get plenty of fluids so you have energy to keep up with the tasks.

5. Organize your tasks and follow schedules. Tasks at work can get overwhelming but proper time management and organization can help make them manageable.

6. Be active. Move around to improve circulation. Sitting the whole day can make you grumpy and obnoxious. Get out for lunch and breathe some fresh air. Don't fill up your water jug so you're able to acquire more trips to the water station. Take documents to the department upstairs yourself. Do everything to move around.

7. Don't get affected by difficult coworkers. The workplace is full of people with different attitudes and you are not expected to like or be liked by everyone. Just be professional and do your job well. Avoid getting in fights with colleagues.

8. Reward yourself for a great job. Shop, have dinner with your loved one, get drinks with friends, or watch a movie. Give yourself a treat after finishing a task. This will make you look forward for the next finished task.

9. Do some breathing exercises. Proper breathing can do wonders! While standing with your feet together and your arms at your sides, inhale deeply, then exhale laughter and bend forward. Try to do this movement 10 times.