Friday, January 27, 2012

Get Out of Your Hiding Place

Everyone born into this world has an inherent talent. There is a purpose that must be fulfilled but unfortunately, a large proportion of people have not discovered the gifts in them and many will not in their lifetime. You are not a number holding down a spot in the world population figure. You are far greater than that. You are wired to make things happen but this will never be the case if you have not discovered what you have been called to do. Recognizing your gifts and harnessing the potential that lies within you is the route to living a fulfilling life. It's time to get out of hiding. Don't live in isolation. Give room for your talent to find expression. If it is not expressed, it cannot manifest.

The meaning of life is a life of meaning. Until you realize the purpose for your life, you will never enjoy life and the opportunities it throws at you. Rise, get out of hiding and be great. Do the great things you were meant to do. Look deep inside you, realize what your life purpose is and embrace it. And when you do find purpose and meaning in life, you discover yourself to be a greater person than you ever dreamed of. The world you live in will never be the same and the opportunities life throws at you will be abundant. Explore yourself and live your passion. Living a fulfilling life starts with you having clarity about your purpose.

Once you have the ability to understand your gifts, you gain the control to put them to use. You have more power when you know more about yourself and this can help create the life you want. If you're struggling in your life or profession, it could be you're not in the place of your purpose. Discovering your purpose sets you up for success. Everything created by God has a purpose. I believe you were created to solve a problem and your success is dependent on your ability to find that problem and solve it. When you find that problem, it means you have discovered your purpose and when you solve the problem, it means you have fulfilled that purpose. Let me ask you five questions and your response to these can help you figure out what your purpose in life is all about.

What do you enjoy doing? Your purpose revolves around your passion. The very successful people I know are those who enjoy what they do. Do you love to sing, write, speak, sell stuffs, do sports, entertain people, break things down in order to rebuild them, cook etc. Whatever it is you enjoy doing is an indicator for your purpose.

What do people appreciate most in you? In what area of your life do you receive the most compliments? Maybe people tell you how good of a singer you are. It could be that each time you get into a place or gathering of people, the place comes alive. Whatever you receive compliment for most of the time could be a key to your purpose. Don't ignore it.

What drives your curiosity? What are you interested in? The knowledge pull you scoop from most of the time indicates your interest in that thing. Do you love exploring various musical instruments? Do you love attending seminars and conferences in particular fields just to help improve your knowledge base and how you can be better in that area of interest? if it drives your curiosity most of the time, it could also be a driving force for your purpose.

What brings out the best in you? Whatever you excel in can be an indicator to your purpose. Are you good at naturally fixing cars? This could imply that your purpose could be connected to the automobile industry. Are you at your best when it comes to closing deals? You may be on the path to becoming a great negotiator or business mogul. Discover the best in you and you are not far from being fulfilled.

What catches your attention easily? Your ability to constantly notice something that others do not pay attention to could be a precursor to finding your purpose. Do you also get easily uncomfortable when people don't get things done properly? That you can easily observe a wrong tone when someone is singing, could mean you can be a better singer. A fashion designer will notice a dress that is not well made. When you pick up tiny bits of details in a specific area of interest effortlessly, this could be a pointer to discovering your purpose.

Monday, January 23, 2012

A Psychology Research That Can Help You Stop Procrastinating

Let me start by telling you that procrastinating is not really what you call it. It is not the lack of ability to take action. In fact, procrastination is about trying to avoid the thought of thinking too much.

In a study conducted in 1999, Read, Loewenstein and Kalyanaraman had people pick three movies out of a selection of 24. Some were lowbrow like "Sleepless in Seattle" or "Mrs. Doubtfire." Some were highbrow like "Schindler's List" or "The Piano." In other words, it was a choice between movies which promised to be fun and forgettable or would be memorable but require more effort to absorb.

The subject was supposed to pick one of the movies right away and watch it. Then he had to watch one on the second day and the other two days later.

Most people chose a movie that was thoughtful because their friends said they were good, they had good reviews and they had lots of awards following them. But, they decided to watch them on the last day.

To watch on the very first day, most subjects chose fun, comedy and flicks that needed least of thinking and most of enjoyment. This by far is the simplest examples of how people begin to procrastinate.

We procrastinate because our brains love simplified subjects. Our brains love to think less and enjoy more. In fact, the researchers also concluded that people would go for the junk food first, but plan healthy meals in the future.

You wait till the last minute to get that birthday present, plan the trip, pack your bags, visit the doctor, file taxes or study for exams. You're procrastinating because you mind wants to think less.

Winning over procrastination start by understanding the consequences. When you realize what you are going to be rewarded for. When you take rewards into consideration, your mind begins to think.

After all, stopping procrastinating is about making your mind believe that what you should do now is more important than the fun loving lazy experience you want to have now.

The best way to stop procrastinating is to create a relative comparison. It is about creating a fear in your mind to lag behind. You should commit yourself to the company of people who can surround yourself with successful behavior even with the most lazy of tasks.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Finding The Purpose Of Your Life: Six Ways To Identify Your Dream

Just about everyone who achieves great things in life dreams of success first and gains words of motivation from those dreams. Knowing what you want helps you through the tough times and gives direction when you need it.

Most people however believe dreams are silly and indefinite and refuse to admit they dream at all but the truth is we all dream in some way. The key is to pin down what those dreams are and they then become easier to achieve. There are six rules to consider as you attempt to discover what it is you want.

1. No Restrictions

There is a song in the musical 'Joseph' that says 'Any dream will do,' and frankly, if the dream is important enough than it will do. Never dismiss a dream as being silly or impossible.

The greatest achievements in history have come about from a dream. The pyramids were somebody's dream once, as were black rights in America fifty years ago. What was it Martin Luther King said? "I have a dream."

What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail? If achieving something would make you happy then it is good enough.

2. Do Not Let Anyone Else Set Your Dreams

Be selfish. Let other people identify their own dreams. Understand what it is YOU want. You will achieve nothing attempting to satisfy other people.

If you have a spouse or partner, set your own aims and then discuss with him or her what your shared ideals will be: but you do need your own dreams.

For years I thought I had to expect to lie on some exotic beach somewhere or go for a cruise. I tried to give myself words of motivation to achieve this to no avail. Then suddenly I realised these were not my dreams, they were expected of me. Sorry. I want something else.

If you do want these things however, that is okay. It is your dream after all, not mine.

3. Do Not Consider How You Will Achieve Them

If you specify what it is you want the way to achieve it will become clear to you. You have to have faith in that. Jim Rohn said, "When you know what you want and you want it badly enough, you'll find a way to get it."

4. List Your Dreams On Paper

Spend some quiet time on your own, think about what you want from life and write it down. Doing this allows you to clear your mind until the next idea comes to mind. You then have the opportunity to return to the results later for further reflection.

You need to capture your ideas when xou can. You will end up with a blueprint of your life so it would be criminal to lose track of the thoughts. When I tried this, the ideas came in a burst so writing them down brought some order to the creative chaos.

In any case, there is something magical about writing aims down. It seems to bring them closer to becoming reality.

Never write a long description either. Being too detailed will stem the flow of ideas; just jot down enough words to remind you later. For example, if you have always wanted that brilliant red Ferrari 458, then just write 'Ferrari 458' and you will remember all the details later. Motivational phrases are often short!

5. Dream Big Dreams

Big ambitions will get you excited. Somehow a greater dream has more attraction. Let your imagination go wild. No restrictions.

I cannot imagine that Usain Bolt wanted to be any thing less than the fastest man in the world, for example. Did Lance Armstrong set out to ride down to the shops? Where would we be if Nelson Mandela had decided he could not make a difference to South Africa?

There is a good reason why David J. Schwarz called his classic book 'The Magic Of Thinking Big.' He said, "How big we think determines the size of our accomplishments."

Bear in mind, however, that once you have identified your big goals, you should also set smaller goals as stepping-stones to achieve on the way. The achievement of these will give you continual motivation along the way.

6. Get to Know Your Dreams

Once you have a list of your aims in life, find out all you can about them. Get out and touch them if you can.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Self Improvement: Motivation Article Category

The only constant in our lives in these ever evolving and changing times, is change. You can either choose to design the changes you want in your life and business or you can continue to just drift aimlessly through life and wait for change to randomly happen to you and your business. When you choose to alter things for the better by design, you wrestle back control of your life and you get to manage your circumstances, so that things no longer just continue to worsen through neglect. They become things over which you exert conscious control and as such, you can create the life and business success you desire, one small insignificant positive daily action at a time.

Become a Victor of Change

Stop choosing to be a victim to change any longer and start to use change to your advantage. Become a victor within the inevitable change, you are exposed to every day, by anticipating change and finding ways to turn change into opportunity. Don't start looking at ways to change things in your environment, if the change you really desire is in your own life and circumstances. Any change you desire starts and ends with you and your beliefs, attitude and expectations. Changes in your environment are a direct consequence of any changes in you.

Embrace Change

When facing the choice to change your mind about the way you view things in your world or business or proving to yourself there is no need to change. Don't waste valuable time getting busy on the proof, rather change what seems unchangeable by changing the way you view things. Remember: "change is a door that can only be opened from the inside".

What is the Mirror of your Life Reflecting?

Look at what life is reflecting back at you right now, this reflection was created by your past thoughts, actions and beliefs. If you don't like the reflection, you can change everything, going forward, by simply changing the way you do things. Accept that not all the changes you make, will deliver the exact results you desire, every time. If things don't work out, adjust your approach, but never a give up. All progress requires change, but not all change results in progress, every time.

Change is Constant and a Certainty

The one certainty, in our lives right now, is frequent change and as change seldom happens in a vacuum. We can either allow change to control us and our futures or we can consciously anticipate, work with and/or around change. By learning to co-operate with change, you can uncover and utilize the numerous opportunities, which these changing times have to offer and discover a vehicle to assist you to realise your business goals and personal dreams.

Review your Progress Daily

Our journey through life is one of creation and evolution, within the constraints of an ever changing landscape. The constant change we face every day means that we must review our progress as often as possible. It may be necessary to redefine our direction or that of our business on multiple occasions throughout our lives, to ensure that we are staying abreast of any changes, which may occur in our environment.

Wake up Eager to tackle your Day

If you do not wake up eager to face your day and you do not feel good about not only what you do, but who you are. Then it may be time for you to revaluate, redefine and implement some positive changes in your life and business. Are you willing and capable of changing and/or rearrange your priorities to bring them in line with your expectations and desires. Stop compromising and accepting mediocrity any longer. It is time to begin appreciating yourself and your business. To finally allow your observant eye to discover and utilise, the latent power that is hidden all around and within you.

Dare to Break Free from your Self Imposed Comfort Zone

Change requires leaving your comfort zone and plunging headfirst into uncomfortable situations. True, this may cause some pain and discomfort in the moment, but it's the quickest path to generate long-term fulfilment and meaning. Today, when any unexpected changes or challenges appear and they feel like they may overwhelm you, KEEP GOING... and know there's Light and opportunity right behind them.

Confront Uncertainty

To grow and discover new vistas you must learn to manage and confront uncertainty, because as you expand and grow as an individual and business professional. As you reach for new levels of freedom and business growth, as your power and self-awareness expands and as you stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone. You will not only experience discomfort and uncertainty, but you also will get to experience new opportunities and meaningful successes.

You are capable of the most remarkable things, no matter what happens in your environment or business. Search deep inside yourself, for you are filled with gifts, which are waiting to be discovered and employed. These gifts will allow you to positively change anything in your life or business. Embrace these changes and you will begin to enjoy the results you desire.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Why You Should Stay Happy at Work

Looking for the what are known as greener pastures is usual among employees. The monotony of daily routine can often make people feel that they deserve much better than the rut they were in. Even so, it is best to think things over before choosing leave a present job and look for a "better" one. The grass may look greener on the other hand of the fence but it doesn't necessarily imply that it is better on the other side. Follow this advice concerning how to maintain a positive attitude and content at the workplace.

1. Do not take your own problems to work. Keep focused entirely on your job and you should not let personal issues affect your productivity.

2. Come up with your work station as comfortable as you possibly can. You happen to be spending the majority of your waking hours in the office so make it as relaxing as possible, but also be mindful of company policies and the private spaces of co-workers.

3. Have friends at work. Getting along with co-workers can make difficult tasks seem easier. Friends at work can act as some sort of support system to whom you can voice out concerns and get advice from work related issues.

4. Keep healthy. Maintain a balanced diet and get plenty of fluids so you have energy to keep up with the tasks.

5. Organize your tasks and follow schedules. Tasks at work can get overwhelming but proper time management and organization can help make them manageable.

6. Be active. Move around to improve circulation. Sitting the whole day can make you grumpy and obnoxious. Get out for lunch and breathe some fresh air. Don't fill up your water jug so you're able to acquire more trips to the water station. Take documents to the department upstairs yourself. Do everything to move around.

7. Don't get affected by difficult coworkers. The workplace is full of people with different attitudes and you are not expected to like or be liked by everyone. Just be professional and do your job well. Avoid getting in fights with colleagues.

8. Reward yourself for a great job. Shop, have dinner with your loved one, get drinks with friends, or watch a movie. Give yourself a treat after finishing a task. This will make you look forward for the next finished task.

9. Do some breathing exercises. Proper breathing can do wonders! While standing with your feet together and your arms at your sides, inhale deeply, then exhale laughter and bend forward. Try to do this movement 10 times.