Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's Not Complicated!

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. -Leonardo da Vinci

No Rules or Boundaries

The Internet is so intriguing. It's like the Wild West. So few rules and boundaries. The unimaginable is now real. Anybody with a lap top computer or even a smart phone can turn their thoughts and opinions into a video and launch it to the world in an instant. Sounds so easy, so why isn't everybody all over it? Well what seems so easy is a lot harder to engage for the majority because when they see the sizzle they freeze. Remember when computers and the Internet were a scary place for anybody not born into it?

Scary Geniuses

Why was it scary? Because it was new? Did you really need to know how to program code just to turn on the old IBM or the early Macintosh... certainly not. So why do we freeze, or worse, run in the other direction when we're confronted with something we've never seen; and why do we credit the early developers and adopters with having a certain genius that we definitely don't have? After all, what is genius and why not us?

Simple Einstein

If you consider Einstein, who seems to serve as the universal symbol for genius, yet it was that same guy that said, "make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler," sounds like simple wisdom not genius. In fact, when you look into Einstein's work, you'll run into many an anecdote about how he leveraged his imagination to the maximum, including riding alongside a beam of light as he considered his theory of relativity. Sounds fairly simple. Maybe you could do the same without any advanced degrees.

Frustrated Sleuth

Well similarly, I'm fascinated by the Internet and have a blast figuring out how things work. Yet rather than throw the word genius around, I study the person and what they're doing. I start by assuming that what they are doing is simple and then I go to work on discovery. You can believe that frustration shows up quickly because I too have become accustomed to instant gratification and that's led to many slamming downs of the cover of my Mac. However, I've now made it a game worth playing.

Cracked the Code

I use that same Internet to study. If it's something I really need or want to know, then I roll up my sleeves and go to work... hard work that is... the kind a farmer might be used to. As the time passes, suddenly there are big ah-ha and eureka moments that come with the discovery of some simple truth where I say out loud... that's how they do that, that's so easy i can do that! By the way that happened at the Mac store this week. For a $99 membership I can book unlimited coaching consults to learn amazing programs that can change the way I do many things like online "pros" and "geniuses" who wax on poetic about how that cracked all these codes... really?

Simple Foundation

So where's the motivation in all of this you say? Hello! You are the genius! You don't need anything but that mega-super computer you were born with. It doesn't matter whether you were born rich or poor, short or tall, and who cares what grades you got or what school you went to. In all things great and small there's a foundation. Sure maybe you have no interest in certain subjects or endeavors so those things will seem forever complicated, but the things you really really want to know about or achieve all you have to do is remind the super-computer that nothing's complicated down at the roots!

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