Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How to Motivate Yourself - Best 3 Tips for Getting Motivated

I guess you would like to know how to motivate yourself. Who wouldn't? Imagine a man fired up and his motivation to the roof. Imagine that this state of mind lasts for years. What do you think a man like that could achieve in his life? Yes, you are right! Everything! Motivation is the key to success in our life and we know that but we do not know the key to motivation. This is where we struggle and desperately want to find an easy way on how to motivate ourselves so that we can achieve everything that we have always dreamt about.

Tip #1 Distractions are Bad - Get Rid of Them Quickly

First thing you want to do if you would like to get motivated is to get rid of everything that distracts you in any way. Sit down, take a paper and write everything that you are doing in a routine every day but which is not important and which can be sliced out.

Most common thing that people do is watching TV too much. It's time to stop it. I'm not saying that you should throw the TV out of your home but at least make a list of things that you can watch and keep it really small because TV is not important. We just think it is because we have accustomed us to it. I assure you even if you throw it out of your home after a month you won't even need a TV. Daily news can be read on internet and I believe it's everything you need. Movies and specially TV series are time consuming. Educational material can also always be found on internet and you'll search only for things you want to know and you'll not lose time listening to 9 things you are not interested to find out one thing that is important to you.

Like TV you can also get rid of any other stuff in your life to free some space for important things.

Tip #2 Why do You Want to Know How to Motivate Yourself

OK, after the distractions we still need to know how to motivate yourself. So this is the next thing and maybe the most important thing you should do. Write down WHY you want to do something. For example why do you want to lose weight? Write everything down. If the reason is your health write all the good things if you exercise and all the bad things if you don't. What are the benefits of a great body you are dreaming of? Does attracting the girls/boys with a great body mean something to you? If yes write it down. Write everything, and write in details. This should be at least a one paper of text and whenever you feel down you should read this. Of course, on the way of exercising you'll find other benefits and the list should be changed. Keep revising the list on the way.

Tip #3 Setting Goals Will Get Your Motivation High Enough

After you got rid of distractions and after you've written down all the WHYs there is only one thing you should know about how to motivate yourself and this is setting goals. This is very important and it has to be done right. Writing only one final goal is not enough. You have to set many small goals and steps on the way to the final goal. You should also set the time deadlines for every goal. Goals have to be achievable, but on the other side they have to be challenging too. I personally go even further and set my goals for every day that comes. I take 5-10 minutes in evening and write down everything I'm going to do tomorrow. This has really helped me to do a lot of stuff that I've usually tried to avoid.

Let's do it NOW

These three steps are very good but they'll not work if you are not ready to implement them. You have to start doing it now. It's all up to you. I've only given you the tools; you have to use these tools to get a higher motivation level that will lead you to your dreams. I hope that I've helped you a little in your quest of how to motivate yourself.

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