Saturday, May 12, 2012

You Determine Your Mood And Behavior

Although many of us try to blame others or circumstances for nearly everything or anything that might go wrong, motivated people understand that how we see things and thus react to them are predominantly a factor of our mindset. Our moods and our behavior are invariably determined by us. Perhaps the single biggest factor that determines whether someone is a winner or a loser is one's attitude. Blaming things for our unhappiness or situation are behaviors of losers, while winners are positive, self- motivated, forward looking, can- do individuals. Wayne Dyer wrote, "Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice."

1. Losers tend to live self- absorbed, miserable existences. They often seem unable, or unwilling to ever be happy or satisfied, always looking first at why things can't be done, and why things should be better, rather than focusing on success. Negative thinking invariably leads to bad moods, disappointment, dissatisfaction, unhappiness, and self- misery. These individuals are their own worst enemies, and often seem to always be a bad mood. These are the types of people who constantly appear to be displeased, and they often approach life looking for what's wrong, enjoy complaining, and not even giving themselves an opportunity for happiness and/ or satisfaction.

2. On the other hand, winners look at things from a positive perspective, always striving to look at the best aspects. It does not mean they are Polyanna's but rather that they handle circumstances. Winners always see opportunities despite setbacks or adversities, while losers invariably see only what may be imperfect. To use a sports analogy, a winner sees the green beyond the sand traps and focuses on the green and the hole, while losers focus on the traps and hazards and difficulties. A winning individual never uses circumstances as an excuse, while others seem to fall back and rely on that as the reason they were not successful. The positive people use their confidence and attitude to propel them forward, and to persist. This perseverance is often the difference between good results and less than stellar ones.

Motivation, especially self- motivation, must be far more than mere empty words or rhetoric. The greatest and most successful individuals are generally the ones that are happiest with themselves and their lives, because when one focuses on the negatives, and relies on blaming, the results invariably suffer. Every human being makes the choice, and everyone can be a winner, if they dedicate themselves to being positively motivated, and avoid the distractions and lethargy imposed by utilizing the blame game.

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