Friday, March 30, 2012

Someday I'll Be Great But Today I Haven't Done Anything Yet - He Said

Not long ago, I was talking with a university college student about all the great things he'd accomplished, but then he explained that he was still waiting, learning, gathering knowledge, and then when he was ready he'd decide what to do, and he'd be good at it because by then he'd have a degree, skills, and thus, a shoe-in for success in any endeavor he choose. But, I ask is this really the probable outcome, or some sort of wishful thinking fantasy. Let's talk.

You see, I inquired as to his successes thus far in life, he said that he has not done anything extraordinary; yet! So, I asked; "why not?" Which I do believe to be a fair question, but it was deflected because he said he was young, and not sure he was ready yet, but what is he waiting for a laser embroidered carbon nano-tube plaque invitation. Sure he can go out and achieve and now is the best time to start I'd say, yesterday would have been even better, but as they say; "Yesterday is Gone!"

One should trust self, and he does, so that's not an issue really, not with his knowledge of self. I was wondering why he hadn't accomplished anything, other than he feel he is not obligated too, or has plenty of time, or society isn't asking him to do anything but follow the approved categories of thought, and activities, thus, you are going with the flow as that's all that is "really" required, at the university that is.

The question is also a personal one for me, because I had achieved a laundry list of things by the time I was your age. So, I know it's possible, and so, I wonder what he has not been spending his time doing instead of just watching, waiting, learning, and following the approved schedule. It's not impossible to accomplish great things regardless of your age - young or old.

Of course if you make excuses and keep telling yourself you aren't ready yet, or things aren't perfect, then there is a good chance you may actually do nothing that great at any time in your life. It's time to make a play, now is the best time to start. What do they say in sports; "it's time to bust a move" and so I ask; what on Earth are you waiting for? Go out there and do it now. Please consider all this and think on it.

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Time To Act on Any Suitable Opportunity Is Now

Learn the art of exploring all opportunities, which may cross your path and build your experience and judgment, so that you can quickly decide if it is worth investing time and energy into exploring any new opportunity. It is always far easier to explore any opportunities and save buckets of your valuable time, if you have a crystal clear picture of exactly what you want to achieve. Using this clear understanding of what you want to achieve in your life or business, will help you to very quickly decide, if any opportunity is worth your time and energy or not.

Act When the Idea is Still Hot
The art of becoming a super achiever is to learn to ignore the good opportunities, so that you have time and energy available, to devote to only the great opportunities, which cross your path. Once you have identified a viable opportunity though, act immediately, when the idea is still hot and the emotion is strong.

If you hesitate too long before you begin to take action on any new opportunity, which is worthy of your time and energy and you don't act immediately, you will fall prey to the "LAW of DIMINISHING INTENT". Commit to immediately begin creating a crystal clear picture around the outcome you want to achieve and begin building a plan that will lead you there. Take action to start the process as soon as possible, before the feeling passes and the great idea begins to dim.

Take Action
Great intentions are too often killed through a lack of meaningful action, which is taken while the idea is fresh and the inspiration high. Unless you translate your great intentions into action very soon, the urgency diminishes and your passion dies.

The foundation for you to consistently realize meaningful results in your life is based on you engaging in genuine daily discipline and your commitment to take and keep taking inspired action every day. When you commit to daily discipline, you are able to capture the passion, emotion and wisdom of the moment and translate it into long term sustainable action process and you become unstoppable.

Quickly Establish new Daily Routines
The secret to make this work for you and your business is to very quickly establish the new daily disciplines or routines needed to convert any opportunity into success, as your new success habit set, as soon as possible. When you do this you have begun a whole new life process, which will promote your long term sustainable success. Discipline is the cornerstone of great success and your greatest ally for creating self-esteem and self-worth. Stay focused on the outcome you want to achieve, remain committed to apply the daily discipline necessary, to carry out all the actions, required to turn your plans into reality and you can and will make any dream or business goal real.

Simply commit to offer only your best every day and to continually build your self- respect. As you start with the smallest of daily disciplines, which is aligned with the outcomes you want to achieve and you commit to keep improving your daily discipline over time. You will gradually build an unbreakable foundation for sustainable success. As you continue to build the necessary daily disciplines required to achieve all your personal and business goals in the years to come, you will begin to celebrate remarkable, almost magical and what will feel like effortless successes in your life.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How God Arrested Me - A True Story on Salvation

I was completely taken by surprise when God arrested me. It had never come to my mind that God had been trailing me.

You might be in a similar situation. If you are still unsaved, you've got to understand that God is trailing you and will never give up on you. But you will need to come to a point of attentiveness, for you to hear and heed the call. If you become busy with too many things you might miss that which is most important to your life.

I will walk you through my personal experience, to show you one of the ways that God could use to get hold of straying people.

I graduated from the University of Zimbabwe in 1991 with a Bsc. Honours Degree in Economics. When I was still at college, I thought that I would get a job soon after completing my studies. I became even more convinced about this when I passed well in the final examinations; I do not, however, mean that passing well was a new experience for me.

I used to rent a room in Hatcliffe, Harare, when I was doing my second year, because I had failed to secure accommodation on campus. Even though I eventually managed to get accommodation on campus in my third year, I decided to continue renting the room, as storage for a few belongings that I had acquired.

After completing my degree I returned to Hatcliffe. I had some money that I had saved from my student allowances. I was looking for a job, but it seemed employment was eluding me. I had initially thought that I would find employment within the first quarter of 1992, but things turned out the other way. I came to a point when I could no longer pay rent or buy food to feed myself. The student allowances had run out and I had no other source of income.

I have got a nephew by the name Clever Makaza. After seeing my plight, he invited me to stay at his place. He was by then renting a flat in Eastlea, where he was staying with his family. I opted to stay in a semi-complete house that he was building in Kuwadzana 2.

I had no money. I had no food. I was lucky that I had found free accnmmodation. But even though I was in such bad financial shape, I could not bring myself to ask for money from anybody, not even my closest relatives. I said to myself, "I am not employed. If I ask for money how would I repay? What guarantee would I give the lender?" I also considered it improper to ask for cash donations. So I chose to keep my silence.

After observing my attitude, Clever would come to my place, look around in the room to see which food items had run out, then go to the supermarket to buy the required provisions, without me asking. That's what kept me alive, and up to now I feel extremely grateful for the assistance.

My experiences mean a lot to me. I have come to believe that everything that happens in a person's life has some significance.

Clever subsequently received salvation. I considered it unsophisticated of him to do so, honestly. I used to wonder why people worshipped God. I thought Christians were mistaken somehow. I did not believe God existed. That made me a fool.

One day Clever came to my place and said, "Sekuru, I ask you to accompany me to church on Sunday. Do not worry about bus fare; I will pay for you."

To be honest, Clever had put me in a hard place by requesting this. I just did not want to attend church. I had no business there!

I could have used the excuse of being broke, but Clever had already pre-empted this. I could have used the excuse that I was required at work on the day of the church service, but Clever knew that I still had not got a job. I could have used the excuse that I had other commitments, but Clever knew fully well that I spent my days doing nothing but sitting.

So I was in a fix. The matter was compounded by the fact that I did not believe that God existed. I would have opted to spend the day staring at my shadow than go to church. But I had no choice. I could not let Clever down, given all that he had done for me. So I accepted. But I was going to accompany him only "as a favour". Imagine.

The following Sunday I accompanied Clever to church. That was during the third quarter of 1992. The service was held in Hatfield. I did not see or hear anything spectacular in the service. After church we went our separate ways.

I thought I was done with the church business, but was greatly disturbed when the following week Clever returned with the same request. "Again?" I complained silently. I began to wonder what Clever was up to. I began to think that he had developed a passion for disrupting my peace. But I agreed to accompany him... again. Did I have a choice? No; not under the circumstances.

Something remarkable happened to me during the second service. Like in the previous service, I neither saw nor heard anything extraordinary. But for some reason I came to a decision that totally transformed my life. I said to myself, "I should have worshipped God a long time ago. What has been holding me back all along?"

God works in wonderful ways. If you read my story carefully you will note that all that happened to me was a build-up to this climax. It is true that faith comes by hearing the message.

God is talking to you. What you need to do is to give yourself time to listen. Whether you are a Christian or non-Christian, there are words coming from God relevant to your condition.

I sat and listened. As I did, God arrested me. Now I am happy in His jail. Do I want to get out of the prison? No! I want to remain inside, not doing my own will but His, not having my own kind of freedom, but His kind of freedom. My kind of freedom would spell spiritual death, but His kind of freedom means life, always.

God bless!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's Time to Shine Your Light

Recently I have begun a process to extend my work, to get it out to more people. Some of you have read my blogs which are listed below. Some of you have read my books. I decided it was time to play bigger, to take more responsibility, and to shine the light that is within me.

I am not special. You have a light to shine, too. Is it shining as much as it could? Are you stepping up and playing bigger? I don't know at what age you get to ignore what others think of you and just be yourself. My guess is that it's whatever age you are right now. This is the time to do some sorting. What is important to you, and what is not?

Where do you spend your time? Is it mostly in front of the television or on the internet? Other escape activities? Escape is a necessary thing, but it can be overdone. If you spend three hours in front of the television every day, and you took one of those hours and devoted it to something productive, what would be the result? Consider one of the following: One hour of prayer and meditation; one hour of writing; one hour of creative expression through art or music; one hour with your children or grandchildren; one hour talking with your spouse or significant other; one hour working out; or one hour building a business. Choose one of the above or some other activity of value and ask yourself: "Would this add value to my life, or to the lives of others? How would I feel?

For those of you whose schedules are already overwhelming, step back. Does everything you do serve your highest good? Is it worth the time and energy? Does each activity support your purpose? What could you cut out? What doesn't really feed you but feeds on you instead? Are you willing to let it go?

It's time to shine your light. It's time to step up and be heard. What are you here to do? Take a deep breath; stand tall with excellent posture; look at people directly in their eyes; and speak with confidence. Don't shrink or play small. Don't try to intimidate or overwhelm. Speak with authority.

Recently a man who did shine his light fully passed away. His name was Stephen Covey and he was 79 years old. Covey's bestseller, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, sold 20 million copies. He built a publishing and learning empire on the foundation of that book. Stephen didn't die of old age. He died from injuries sustained from a bicycle accident-- head injury, cracked ribs, and partially collapsed lung. He lost control on a downhill ride. Almost everyone who has offered workshops and speeches related to leadership has been influenced by Covey. His light will continue to shine long after his passing.

One day you will pass on. What will be your legacy? Will the world be better because you were here? Will you die with joy in your heart, or full of resentments and disappointments? How will you live between now and then? We don't know the exact moment of our earthly death. We do know the exact moment of our life. It's right now! Right now you can choose to cease blaming and complaining and avoiding. You can choose to envision joy and freedom and shining your light.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Be Awake And Let Your Dreams Come True

Do you each and every day live consciously and in relation to who you want to be and where you want to go? Or do days, weeks, months and even years pass without you really thinking about how you are doing and where you are going with your life?

Now I want to wake you up. I want to ask you to fully step into your life and be present and responsible for yourself and what you get out of your life.

I want you to responsible for your thoughts

If you want to change something in your life then the first thing you should change are your thoughts, probably the most effective change you can make.

Be aware of what you think about during the day.

Do you think as a winner? Do you think about what you want and what you have to do to achieve it.

Or do think as a looser? Do you blame others for how you are doing in your life and that there is nothing you can do about it?

When you start thinking positive thoughts your body and life react to it and your life becomes better and you feel better. When you feel better and happy you will experience more success in what you are doing.

Many wait for the success to be happy without much results. That is because it works better the other way around, start being happy and you will get more success. People will like you better and with people come opportunities.

I want you to be responsible for with whom you interact and spend your time with

It has been stated that we are the average of the five persons we spend most time with. Think about the five persons you spend most of your time with. How are they doing in their lives? Are they growing as persons and going somewhere in their lives or just hanging around doing the same things over and over?

If the average of your five people is not as you would like think about how you can change it.

Spend time with people you can learn from. Spend time with people you challenge you, motivate and inspire. Spend time with people who want you to do well in your life and hold you accountable for working on that.

I want you to be responsible for achieving your dreams and vision

To begin with, I hope you are well aware of what your dreams and vision are. If not, grab right now a pen and paper and write them down. If you have to spend time thinking about what dreams and vision you have please take your time.